Is an energy Savings Agreement a good investment?

Many people out there wonder if an Energy Savings Agreement is a good investment. The answer is absolutely it is. When it comes to prolonging the quality and longevity of any machinery, regular maintenance is a necessity. Think about a car engine that requires regular oil changes to function properly. Heating and cooling maintenance for homes are no different. Regular maintenance of these machines will keep people comfortable, keep the machines efficient (which saves money on utilities), and makes sure these systems are working well for many years. At Masters Heating and Cooling Indianapolis, our professionally trained and supremely friendly technicians will make sure the equipment is up to date. They can identify small problems before they become major issues. Trust Van Valer to improve your comfort and maintain heating and cooling efficiency. CALL US!!

Reach out to us for a consultation! We offer a heating plan for the low annual cost of $89 or we can cover both heating and cooling for the annual fee of only $179!

When you trust Van Valer to keep your utilities in top-notch shape, we include several important benefits in our agreement. These benefits include:

Benefit Annual Value
17-point A/C System Tune Up $89
17-point Heating System Tune-Up $89
Priority Service and Same Day Replacement on Parts Priceless
Carbon Monoxide Testing $89
Longer Equipment Life $933 – $1400
Increased System Efficiency $144 – $600
15% Savings on Repairs (Parts and Labor) $42
Reduced Service Fee $10
TOTAL ANNUAL VALUE $1396 – $2319

Our Agreement includes:

  • 17-point Heating System Tune-Up

    • It is very important to keep heating systems in perfect condition for the cold winter months. By keeping heating systems in great working order, utility bills are kept low and the equipment will last longer.
  • 17-point Air Conditioning System Tune-Up

    • Make sure the Air Conditioning unit is ready for the hot summer season. An inefficient air conditioning unit is loud and costly. Make sure that there aren’t any problems with our regular tune-up
  • Priority Service with a dedicated phone number

    • Nobody likes waiting on hold for customer service for cable, auto service, or home utilities. We offer our annual subscribers a dedicated phone line that ensures fast and friendly assistance.
  • Same Day Replacement On Parts

    • When something does go wrong with the utilities, it is important to get them up and running again quickly. Nobody likes being boiling hot or ice cold in their own home. We can come over and replace those parts on the same day.
  • Combustion Analysis

    • This is important for making sure that both heating and cooling systems are functioning properly to produce hot or cold air in an efficient manner. This also helps to keep the units safe for home use.
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing

    • Carbon Monoxide is the substance released from car exhaust pipes. It may also be released at dangerous levels from home utilities. This will make sure that carbon monoxide doesn’t cause any danger in your home. Trust Van Valer to keep your family safe.
  • Longer Equipment Life

    • Nobody likes dropping thousands of dollars to replace heating or air conditioning units. With our annual inspection plan, we will make sure that these utilities run as long as they can as efficiently as they can. Make sure you aren’t replacing large utility units too soon.
  • Increased Comfort And Efficiency

    • This is a valuable plan benefit because it will save money on utility bills. Efficient heating and cooling systems maintain optimal climate control at the lowest cost possible. Make this plan makes this a reality.
  • 15% Savings On Repairs (Including Parts & Labor)

    • In exchange for customer loyalty, Van Valer gives every annual subscriber a discount on parts, labor, and repairs. Everyone likes to save money and Van Valer appreciates the business.
  • One-Year Warranty on Repairs
  • $59 Diagnostic Fee (reg $69)

With so many benefits to the annual plan, it is no wonder Van Valer is one of the most trusted heating and cooling companies in the region. For years, the residents of Indiana have relied on Van Valer to keep their homes comfortable and safe. Make sure this plan saves time and money on those utility bills by contacting VanValer today.