If want to enjoy improved air quality and lower energy costs, the expert technicians at Masters Heating and Cooling by Van Valer Inc can help. Serving the greater Indianapolis area since 1980, we’re proud of having earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  As a three-time winner of the S.O.A.R. award, we now have five convenient locations to better serve our valued customers.

heat-pump-image1The Benefits of Heat Pumps

U.S. Department of Energy statistics show that over half of the average home’s energy consumption is used for heating and cooling. An energy-efficient heat pump can cut those costs by up to 50%.  In fact, they can achieve 2.5 kilowatts of heating or cooling power using an average of less than a single kilowatt of electricity.

A high-quality Trane heat pump can not only cut energy costs and add value to your home, but also conserve precious natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. Because a heat pump’s compressor uses very little electricity and does not operate using combustion to generate heat, there are no additional carbon emissions.  The improved refrigerant now used for cooling doesn’t harm the ozone layer even if released.

Unlike other forms of heating, they don’t produce smoke or any type of fumes.  A heat pump improves air quality through a combination of increased circulation and filters that clean and purify the air by removing dust, odors, mold spores and other particulates.  Our customers report that they provide much-needed relief for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Quality Options for Every Budget

No matter what your budget, an energy-efficient heat pump can help you balance it.  We are proud to carry a full line of high quality Trane heat pumps.  Trane currently holds three of the positions in the top ten list of the best-rated heat pumps of 2016. Our platinum series is unparalleled in quality and performance and is one of the best investments a homeowner can make.  Featuring a dual or multi-stage Duration compressor, a Spine Fin coil that ensures durability, they are built to last.  Flawlessly constructed of premium materials and thoroughly tested, they receive consistently high ratings from satisfied customers.  When installed as a complete system, they also qualify for an Energy Star rating.

For those who want to make a smaller investment and still enjoy significant cost savings and improved air quality, our gold series offers the same high quality craftsmanship.  It also features an advanced fan system, making it one of the quietest on the market, and is protected by weather and corrosion-resistant louvered panels on all sides.  Our silver series is very popular with young budget-conscious families.  Whatever your investment, all of our products carry the same commitment to superior quality, value and customer service.  We also offer flexible financing options with approved credit.


At Masters Heating and Cooling by Van Valer, we take pride in training our already expert staff whenever there is a technological advancement in the heating and cooling industry– or in any of the products we carry.  Because we want our customers to receive only the very best in customer service, like our products, our staff maintains the highest professional standards.  Each of our service technicians receives a complete background check as well as being drug tested.

hvac indianapolisOur sales and service department specializes in meeting all of your heating and cooling needs, including installation and maintenance services for:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Boilers
  • Geothermal
  • Water Heaters
  • Backup Generators
  • Ductless Split Systems

No matter what kind of heating or cooling system you currently have, our professionals can provide expert service that will enhance its performance, improve the air quality of your home, and deliver the maximum cost savings possible. If your current heating and cooling system isn’t meeting your needs, we can offer expert guidance on the purchase, installation, and regular maintenance of a system that will. We make your family’s safety and comfort our top priority, which is why we are one of the most trusted companies in the greater Indianapolis area.  To schedule a consultation, you can contact us on our website, give us a call at (317)528-9777, or come by and visit us in person at one of our two convenient locations.

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